The data gathered into biobanks can include, for example, data obtained from registries or research projects as well as any clinical measurements (eg. blood pressure) or data reported  by the patients (eg. lifestyle).

Biological samples have been collected throughout the history of medicine for diagnostic purposes and clinical research. Biobanks collect samples in the framework of the Finnish Biobank Act aiming at high and uniform quality. The purpose is to collect a wide range of biological samples for a variety of future research needs.

Biobank grants access to samples and data for high quality projects in the field of research and product development, which aim at disease prevention and the promotion of the population’s health.

Biobanks are for everybody.

Participation in biobank research

By participating in biobank research you can give a boost to medical research, knowing that the donated samples and information will be used safely for high quality research.

Every Finn has a possibility to give samples to a biobank. Biobank research requires samples collected from population cohorts to reflect the health of the population as well as samples from patients treated in hospitals. The security of personal data, following the regulations in Privacy and Biobank Acts, is our priority.

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Finnish Biobanks

Valvira (the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) directs and supervises the biobank activity in Finland, and maintains a national biobank register. Before starting to operate the biobank has to obtain a licence from Valvira.

Valvira has granted licences altogether to ten biobanks, from which four are operating in the whole of Finland and six biobanks in the area of hospital districts.

Arctic BiobankAuria BiobankBBMRI.fiBiobank BorealisBiobank of Eastern FinlandBlood Service’s BiobankCentral Finland BiobankFHRB BiobankFinnish Clinical Biobank TampereHelsinki BiobankTerveystaloTHL Biobank

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